a collective of coaches to strengthen our communities

Expert Guidance to Create Thriving Communities

Conscious Profits is a coaching collective headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, supporting local businesses, nonprofits, leaders, and employees to thrive. With subject matter experts in business, nonprofits, career development, leadership, and more, we offer specialized guidance.

The collective features four resident coaches: Ron Gilliland, Ben Danley, Michelle Beaubien, and Linda Powell. Conscious Profits is a valuable community-building resource, empowering organizations and individuals to achieve their goals.

What We Can Offer You.

As a local business owner or nonprofit leader, you need practical support and direction. The coaches at Conscious Profits know that you are juggling labor shortages, inflationary pressures, management turnover, local politics, and more. You may be experiencing personal burn-out and feeling stuck in a business or career that no longer works for you.

Our Solution.

Business owners and nonprofit leaders in the Linn and Benton County area will benefit from locally-based coaches who are uniquely positioned and qualified to provide world class coaching services but with an understanding of local communities and access to local resources and connections.

Because of our commitment to conscious and sustainable profits, you can rely on us to have your short and long-term interests in mind. You can trust us to not only strengthen the people, processes, and products of your organization but the community in which it exists.

Why Work with Conscious Profits?

Conscious Profits offers several key benefits to local businesses, nonprofits, leaders, and employees:

Expert Guidance

With subject matter experts in various areas including business, nonprofits, career development, and leadership, Conscious Profits provides specialized guidance tailored to the unique needs of clients. This expertise helps clients and their organizations navigate challenges, develop effective strategies, and achieve their goals.

Thriving Community

By supporting local businesses and nonprofits, Conscious Profits contributes to the overall growth and thriving of the Linn-Benton communities. Through their services, they empower organizations to enhance their performance, foster a positive work culture, and make a positive impact in their respective fields.

Holistic Approach

Conscious Profits takes a holistic approach to coaching, addressing not only professional aspects but also personal well-being and relationships. This comprehensive approach helps clients find balance, improve life performance, and experience breakthroughs in various areas of their lives.

Valuable Resource

As a coaching collective, Conscious Profits serves as a valuable resource for Linn-Benton communities. Our expertise and support enable organizations and individuals to reach their full potential, unlock their strengths, and overcome obstacles on their path to success.

Sustainable Growth

By aligning with the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and generativity, Conscious Profits promotes conscious and sustainable growth for their clients. This focus on long-term impact helps organizations and individuals create lasting positive change that benefits both their immediate stakeholders and the broader community.

Benefits of Working with Conscious Profits

Conscious Profits offers expert guidance, contributes to a thriving community, takes a holistic approach, serves as a valuable resource, and promotes sustainable growth. These benefits make Conscious Profits a trusted partner for individuals and organizations seeking personal and professional development in LInn-Benton communities.

Proudly Serving Linn-Benton Communities

The Conscious Profits coaching collective is needed in the Linn-Benton communities for several reasons:


Support and Empowerment

The collective provides much-needed support and empowerment to local businesses, nonprofits, leaders, and employees. We offer specialized guidance and expertise that can help these individuals and organizations navigate challenges, improve performance, and achieve their goals.

Holistic Development

Conscious Profits takes a holistic approach to coaching, addressing both professional and personal aspects of individuals’ lives. This comprehensive focus acknowledges that success and fulfillment are interconnected and helps clients find balance, growth, and fulfillment in multiple areas of their lives.

Local Expertise

The collective is rooted in the Corvallis community, with resident coaches who understand the unique dynamics and needs of the local environment. This local expertise allows Conscious Profits to provide tailored guidance that aligns with the specific challenges and opportunities present in the Community.

Values Alignment

Conscious Profits is rooted in the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and generativity. By promoting these values, the collective contributes to the community’s growth and development in a conscious and responsible manner. We serve as a role model for businesses and nonprofits in Corvallis, inspiring them to adopt similar values and practices.

Collaborative Culture

Conscious Profits fosters a collaborative culture within the community by encouraging cooperation and embracing diversity. By promoting collaboration and partnership, the collective helps create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals and organizations can learn from one another and work together towards shared goals.

Positive Community Impact

Through our work with local businesses and nonprofits, Conscious Profits generates positive community impact. By helping organizations thrive, we contribute to the local economy, job creation, and community development. Additionally, our focus on sustainability and conscious practices promotes responsible and ethical approaches to business and nonprofit operations.

Making an impact, one organization at a time.

Conscious Profits is needed in the Corvallis area to provide support, empowerment, and expertise to local businesses, nonprofits, leaders, and employees. Our values alignment, collaborative culture, and positive community impact make us an important and valuable asset in fostering the growth and well-being of the communities in Linn and Benton Counties.

What people find at Conscious Profits can positively impact their journey by providing clarity, skill development, personal growth, strategic decision-making support, a network of peers, and a sense of accountability. By accessing the resources and expertise offered by Conscious Profits, individuals and organizations can navigate their journey more effectively, overcome obstacles, and achieve their desired outcomes.